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Disneyland Hours

Disneyland Park Hours

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When planning your Disneyland trip, be sure to check on the most current hours of operation.  Typically during the busy season, Disneyland opens at 8am and closes at 12 Midnight.  Disneyland California Adventure is typically open from 10am to 10pm. 

During the off peak times, Disneyland hours are typically 9am-11pm on the weekends, and 10am-10pm on weekdays.  California Adventure hours during off peak times are generally from 10am-8pm on weekends and 10am-6pm on weekdays.  These are only general Disneyland hours.

The best way to ensure you have the right Disneyland park hours is to check on the official Disneyland web site.  You can use this link to check Disneyland hours at the Disneyland website.  There you will find the Disneyland park hours, California Adventure hours and will be able to search by date to find the hours for the days you plan to visit Disneyland.

Please also take a look through the rest of our site for reviews on Disneyland rides, Disneyland tips, Disneyland secrets and more.  In addition to knowing the Disneyland park hours for your trip, you should also know what attractions you want to visit.  By having a rough schedule and plan, you will be able to get the most out of your Disneyland visit.



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