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Disney's California Adventure

New Disney Classics in the California Adventure Park


Disney's California Adventure is located directly across from the Disneyland Park.  A park hopper pass will allow you admission to both parks on the same day, and I do recommend setting aside some time to explore the California Adventure Park.

Disney's California Adventure is a smaller park than Disneyland.  In addition, it is less crowded.  It brings all new classics to Disneyland status, as well as reviving old classics that everyone can enjoy.

Perhaps one of the best things about the California Adventure Park is Disneyland's classic Electric Parade.  This old classic no longer parades down Disneyland's streets, but is still going strong in Disney's California Adventure.  Surely an attraction you don't want to miss, you'll be humming the music accompanying the parade the rest of the night!

Also, Screaming California is a true roller coaster, the only ride in either park that takes you upside down.  This ride is one of the fastest roller coasters you will have been on, and for those thrill seekers, is a must ride.  Additionally, there are other rides geared more towards the thrill seeking crowd that you won't find in Disneyland.

The shows at Disney's California Adventure are also in the Disney mold, but with a fresh twist.  The 3-D Muppet show is great for all ages, as is the fantastic Aladdin show. 

Although it is a smaller park, you can easily spend a full day exploring Disney's California Adventure.  Before leaving, be sure to check out the Soaring Over California ride.  It is a virtual tour of California, and very well done.  Not a ride for those scared of heights, but well worth the wait if you are not.

Check back in with us, we will be updating and adding to our information on Disney's California Adventure!



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